Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 4!

Noah's goals remain close to the same as last week and they hope to continue to increase in volume and work on chewing and strength exercises. He has been introduced to a variety of different foods, all Stage 2 baby food, to include: squash, apricots, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and rice cereal. Each food is boosted with powdered formula for extra calories. He is currently averaging 1/2 oz of food per session for a total of 2oz a day. His formula is still being offered via squeeze bottle and he is averaging just over 2oz per session for a total of 8-9oz per day. Volume is a huge issue and it seems that the closer they get to 3oz of total food and formula, the more retching and gagging he has during or after the session. They have increased the dose of both his meds and we are giving them at 4 seperate times throughout the day to try and spread it out as much as possible. His weight is still the same, and we may have to add a simple carbohydrate to fortify his formula ever further. Today they tried offering the squeeze bottle for him to hold and facilitate his own drinks. He did so well with it and was able to get about 2grams per sip, by himself! I am so proud of him!
Noah and I went home this past weekend and it was great to see the boys and spend time together! Of course there was the usual fighting and protest over this, that, and the other, but that's all a part of being home! Elliot seems to be feeling a ton better and has adjusted to his rather abrupt wean and switch to formula quite well. Zane is doing great and kept me entertained the whole weekend as usual. I just love his imagination and energy!

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