Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exciting moment!

Just when we though Noah was still months away from his first steps he proved us all wrong....

Below is a message from Zane to his good pal Bryce!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeling better finally!

I think Noah is over the cold/lung infection that he has been fighting. It was kicking his behind for awhile there, with high fevers and not tolerating his feeds along with the cough. He is getting his usual appetite back and drinking from his cup again as well. We have been trying to get him to drink more than just water from the cup and it is coming along better each day. He will now drink about an oz of milk and up to several oz of juice/water mix in a day's time. He has really tanked in the weight area and we will be working to make up for what he lost these past few weeks. As far as developmentally he continues to struggle with PT, but I think he is still making some progress. Last night we were working with him and Brian got him to stand for the longest time he has ever stood unassisted. He kinda/sorta started to take a step at one point (of course that wasn't caught on video). We are hoping that it won't be long yet before he is showing an interest in walking, but we also know we are on Noah time!

Zane has been out of school left and right due this lovely Indiana weather. Today they closed due to wind chill factors of something like -20 or close to it. We've been playing lots of games and watching movies but I think everyone is ready to get out! Zane is chomping at the bit to get out and play in the snow, but not when it's this cold! We had to google frostbite before he fully understood! I for one am going to be soooo excited when winter quarantine is over and we can all get out together again. They you can all laugh at me as I try and attempt taking 3 children out in public. Want to take bets on how many times that will happen :) Zane lost a tooth this week and I think this was the closest the tooth fairy as ever been to being "busted". He insisted on putting he tooth in the pocket of pillow and when the tooth fairy came to deliver he was sleeping on it. Thankfully she is quite skilled and has stealth like mobility :) I am not looking forward to the day the truth comes out!

Only 32 days left until the baby is here! We have given a clue that the baby's name begins with "E" and have had some very interesting guesses. I think my favorites are Elmo and Elvis. While those are both strong celebrity names, you can be assured it is neither of the two!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still sick....

Noah has been battling this upper respiratory infection thing since just after Christmas. Until recent he was dealing pretty well with it over all other than a decrease in appetite. I called his pulmonologist at the beginning of the week to review his symptoms and he said that as long as the breathing treatments were helping and there was no fever that there was really nothing else we could do for him now. He told me to call if he got any worse and not to be surprised if this virus lasted a few more days. I no more than got off the phone with him than Noah woke from his nap with a high fever. So, off we went to the Dr. They decided to go ahead and treat him for a lung infection/pneumonia and not put him through a chest x-ray as the results either way would still end up in antibiotics. His breathing is labored at times but it's mostly the cough that is bothering him. The Dr said that what started as a viral upper respiratory has now moved into a bacterial lung infection of some sort. He started his antibiotic yesterday and appeared to be feeling okay last evening but then was up most of the night again with a very high fever. He wretched on his feeds most of the night until we finally shut him off to let him have a break. Today the fever is down to about 101-102 but still no appetite whatsoever. I am hoping that he will tolerate his feeds better tonight!
School was canceled today so Noah was pretty pumped to wake up and find Zane still here. Much to his dismay he will soon discover when he wakes up from his nap that Zane has left him high and dry to go to the movies with Grandma! He is such the social butterfly!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ours was crazy busy but we had a great time. Those of you who are local obviously know, but Ft Wayne had a major ice storm the weekend before Christmas and it led to some major power outages. Some people were without power for days and it made even the shortest travels difficult. We lost power for only one day fortunately. After lots of Christmas get-togethers and lots of yummy food, we all ended up sick. We have been trading the stomach flu, sore throat, and upper respiratory infections back and forth for the past week. Noah was fortunate enough to skip the stomach flu but still has a pretty nasty cough and cold. We are giving him extra breathing treatments as needed and just keeping a close eye on him. He hasn't eaten well at all since before Christmas, but with being sick, being out of routine and a mouthful of new teeth, it doesn't surprise me much. Still no headway on weight gain or walking but he has started saying lots of new words out of no where! His favorites are doggy, kitty, toes and tummy. Grandma Ogle even got him to say hot dog the other day too. Zane is doing great and enjoying his vacation. He has been spending the last week with his Dad, Mimi, Pappy, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jeff, and cousins in Ohio. I am anxious for him to come home and hear all about his adventures. I call him everyday and some days he feels like chatting and other times he will say "so....why'd ya call?" or "if you don't mind, I'm kinda busy". Noah has been missing him like crazy also and I am sure will be all over him when he gets back!

All is well with Baby Baker and I am soooo ready for his/her arrival! With the holidays behind us now it's becoming more and more of a reality that we only have a few weeks left! Brian says he's not scared at all of having another baby at home but I'll admit I am! My dad joked and said I should take a time management class and I'm starting to think that's not such a bad idea!