Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet potatoes with a side of drama...

Last night was a very long night. Elliot woke up around 10pm and was up crying the rest of the night. I couldn't console him for anything! (they love us here at the StudioPlus). He didn't have a fever, so I chalked it up to teething and shipped him off to daycare this morning. Lo and behold, a few hours later, I received a call saying he had a fever of 102. The great thing about being in the hospital all day long, you know people that can pull strings! The feeding staff told me to bring him back after I picked him up and when we got back, they had Elliot an appt with a pediatrician! Poor Elliot has a pretty bad double ear infection and a sinus infection. Since he's been harboring this goodness since last week, they brought out the big dog antibiotics. Hopefully he will be better in a few days. Sadly though, this has bought him a one way ticket back to Ft Wayne. We had been contemplating this after seeing how well he did at home last week and the fact that he is so miserable here. Plus, being sick again, he would have to go back home for the week anyway, just to start a whole new adjustment next week if he came back. I hate being away from Zane and now Elliot, but I do feel better that he will be home - happy, healthy, and being loved by Daddy, Grandma Ogle and Grandma Baker. Who needs Mom when you have that army? Brian hit the road shortly after the call from the daycare and I met him in Vincennes for the trade off. Noah and I are back in Evansville...Elliotless :(
As far as Noah's day, they started him on Stage 2 sweet potatoes. He did okay with it, granted the day was cut short. The first session was the best, but the second he was trying to wipe it off his tongue with a towel. Sneaky, sneaky. Although short, the day was a little better for him than yesterday...oh, until he came home and his g-tube came out again. Thankfully we had a spare on hand. I don't know why they keep going bad on him. He has been through more tubes than I can count in the past few months! They are still working on lots of chewing exercises to strengthen his jaw when we start texture grading. They suggested lacing the puree with powdered Elecare for a few extra calories. They don't want to start adding butter, oil, or supplements until his stomach and digestive system can start to handle a little more. We will continue to increase volume of formula and food per session and keep trying to stretch his stomach little by little.
Back to a full day tomorrow, barring anymore unforseen catastrophies! We are looking forward to a visit from Granny Ogle!
Keep the prayers coming for little CDH'er Jamie, he is doing so much better every day! Also, please add Gabe and family to your prayers tonight. He and his family are going through an unimaginable hard time right now. They need prayers for healing and justice!

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bikurgurl said...

I am so sorry to hear that Elliot has to go back....again :( You are such a Phenomenal Woman..... in every sense of the word, in every line of Angelou's poem....

Be strong, we love you!

Kelly and the boys