Monday, November 9, 2009

Good day, Bad day, depends on your perspective

Noah DID start stage 2 baby food today! They didn't tell him any different and started the first session as usual. He has been opening his mouth for a spoon with formula on it in rotation with the squeeze bottle, but this time, the spoon was dipped in Stage 2 applesauce. The first bite he shivered and gagged, but didn't rake it out of his mouth like I had anticipated! In fact, over the course of 4 sessions his total applesauce intake was 4oz for the day! Awesome, awesome, awesome! Every bite was beautiful to me!
The downside...his formula intake was not the greatest. His volume was down a bit and he was protesting every drink. He cried, begged, spit out, gagged, bit the straw, and blocked with his teeth, you name it, you tried everything he could to avoid his drinks. He cried for every session and for kept pleading to be done. His formula actually tastes very good, almost like vanilla cake batter. We aren't sure why the sudden change, and they are chalking it up to transition. It's Monday, and those can be difficult for all of us!
His weight was down again today, so I am not sure what that will mean in terms of changes or volume increase. Dr Clawson is going to give him another few days to adjust to the formula change as we are on 100% specialized for bolus and continuous feeds and have phased out the Nutren Jr completely.
Elliot was back to daycare this morning, and he voiced his displeasure numerous times. He must get his stubbornness from his brother. Notice I didn't specify which brother!
Hoping for less tears tomorrow!

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Weylin and Tori said...

I am so sorry that the day was so rough! Praying for a better day ahead! And boys, give your mommy a break! She is doing what is best for you!

The Douglas'