Monday, November 2, 2009

Ants in our pants.....

We had a great weekend at home, however, Elliot came down with quite a cold, so unfortunately that meant he had to stay home this week. My mom is keeping him while Brian is at work this week. We love you Mom!!! I can't thank you enough! It was heart wrenching to get in the car to drive back with Brian, Zane, and Elliot waving goodbye from the porch but then I try and remind myself why we are here and that it is going to be over with before we know it!
I can't believe we are starting week 2 already! Noah had another great day in therapy. He is up to 4 long sessions throughout the course of the day now. Today they introduced diluted formula in a squeeze bottle. I think there was about 2ml of formula to 5oz of water, but it still had some taste to it. Throughout the entire day, Noah drank a total of 4oz!!!! This is huge! Now, granted, it wasn't like he sat and chugged it down, it was small sips being introduced over and over again, but I honestly don't think he has ever drank that much!! They are hoping to start introducing yogurt the next few days. Tomorrow is the big weekly parent meeting where they will discuss his progress and goals. I am anticipating this one!

Tonight while I was getting Noah ready for bed, I noticed a few ants on the wall. I began to investigate further and discovered a thick trail of ants coming from the window, across the wall, over the desk and in my bed!!! I called the front desk and they so graciously offered to bring me a can of Raid. Um...I don't think that was going to cut it. Needless to say, Noah and I left our new friends behind and moved to a new room. This one is actually bigger so that was a bonus for us!
I will update with the results of tomorrow's meeting!


Weylin and Tori said...

Again...WOW! We so need to enroll Ethan in this program! That is wonderful that Noah drank 4 oz of liquid! I don't even know what to say, except that I am so happy for you and all the little, but huge, steps that Noah is making! Keep up the awesome work!


Rosie said...

Yea!!! What more can I say....go Noah!

Anonymous said...

Seriously ANTS in your bed???! Never a dull moment!!!! :-) Hope all goes well tomorrow!!!
You are doing great!!!!

bikurgurl said...

So glad that you got out of there! :)