Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's not easy being 2...

If only I would have had my camera....Noah threw the most impressive temper tantrum I have ever seen from him today. Why? Who knows! The after nap slump escalated to a "throw myself on the floor and kick and thrash all of my appendages". It was quite amusing. We let him lay there and talked amongst ourselves for awhile. Finally he contained himself enough that I could put him into his chair for the session. He proceeded his tyrant and refused to swallow his food. After working himself into a frenzy again and a huge retching episode, it was as if someone flipped a switch and was sweet as sugar once again. They didn't try and force feed him, they just stopped the timer and waited for him to stop his crying and then began feeding him again. Ahh the joys of a two year old. Every now and then, it's great to see him do something "typical", even if it is a temper tantrum.
They introduced bananas yesterday, and peas today, still stage 2, but fortified with olive oil and Polycose (a simple carb that adds extra calories). Tomorrow is another weight check so I am hoping to see an increase! Yesterday he started his "weird random swelling" that he has had in the past. It starts in his fingers, then his hands and face. We thought that it was his formula before, hence the switch to the protein free specialized formula, now we don't know what is causing it. Last time the swelling escalated to the point where he stopped having wet diapers, so I am glad that if it had to happen again, it is happening now, so they can try to figure out what is causing it.
I have noticed that he is starting to put things in his mouth again, such as toys, fabric, etc. They said that this usually happens with kids once they start eating and decreasing the oral aversion. They said for us not to discourage it and eventually he will stop. Much like an infant that is exploring with their mouth, Noah is doing the same thing, only a little later.
Rumor has it, they will try to feed him pumpkin next week in honor of Thanksgiving!

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