Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day #5

Still hangin' out.....
We had a talk with Elliot's Dr this afternoon in regards to his progress with feeding and such. She said that Elliot is still not doing well with breastfeeding or the bottle and is not taking near enough to keep himself hydrated, therefore still requiring the feeding tube and IV fluids. She said that he is becoming jaundice and that may also explain his lethargic appetite. He is not yet to the point of needing lights but they will draw another level in the morning. His PDA sounds even better today though. By the way she was talking today, Tuesday may no longer be Elliot's golden ticket out the door. We are still hopeful that he will have a turn around in the next day or so. He has some awsome nurses that have alot of faith in him that he can do it!
I was discharged this afternoon so in between feedings tonight Brian and Noah picked me up and we actually went home for a little while. It was great to just hang out and watch Noah play with toys! He was back to loving me again as well! I think he has really enjoyed the past few days with Grandma! He is walking so much and eating like a champ! He seems so happy! Zane is doing great and is really looking forward to his little brother coming home soon. He told me he will help get Noah in and out of bed when I get home since I still won't be able to lift him for awhile :) What a great big brother! I am staying with Elliot in his room tonight and I must say they are quite accommodating - I even have my own minifridge! His room is big and super quiet and has a bed to sleep on so it isn't going to be that bad at all!


Jeff Handley said...

Thanks for the updates! I hope you have a great night.

FaithCDH said...

I am so happy that Noah is back to loving you! We had such a great time visiting you. Elliot has won my heart for sure. Maybe he will win the heart of a little girl I know (wink,wink).

Love to you all! You can do it Elliot!

Amy,Steve, ^Faith^, and baby Miles

bikurgurl said...

Hope you had a wonderful night in your suite at the hospital ;) It's so wonderful they are so accomodating -- and how couldn't they be as wonderful as you are :)

We are praying for speedy recoveries for both you and Elliot, as well as continued progress with Noah! Your family is never far from our hearts, thoughts, and prayers!!

Love, Kelly and the Boys