Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day #3

Just a quick update....

Elloit is doing well! His respirations are down so we have begun the feeding challenge. I am attempting to nurse him every 3 hours and then offer the bottle and then leftovers go in through the feeding tube. So far he is not latching on and only takes about 5 of the 45cc by mouth that we are offering. He has a long way to go, but it's only the first day of oral feeds! His echo was done this morning and the results came in tonight that the murmur is just the PDA that hasn't quite closed but is on its way. We really weren't expecting anything to come of it, but it was very reassuring to have it come back with a good result. They repeated a chest x-ray today as well and found that it is not improved from Tuesday. This basically means that the fluid they saw right after birth is most likely infection after all. They will now continue the antibiotics for the full 7 days. So, as long as he is taking all of his food by mouth, he can come home next Tuesday! Sadly that means I will be leaving before he will, but they have private NICU rooms, so I will be able to come stay with him overnight. We are really working hard to get his feeding going, so I don't want to miss those night feedings. Tonight will be the first night I will be getting up every 2.5 hours to pump and try and feed him so I will be getting a good taste of what having a newborn is really like!
I think Zane has made a full recovery from being sick earlier and Noah is doing great! I miss them like crazy and absolutly can't wait to get everyone home together again!


Jeff Handley said...

Awesome, this sounds like great news all around; well, except for the infection. You guys seem to be in excellent care and I'm glad things are looking up.

We love you,

bikurgurl said...

So happy that all is going as well and you'll all be reunited soon!! We love you and you're in our thoughts and prayers!!

Kelly and the Boys

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that things are going good. you can check out seth's other blog

it is

congrats on having the baby
best wishes to you and you family

love the Allie and Family