Thursday, February 5, 2009

All is well!!

Life has been quiet and uneventful, which as always, is refreshing!
Zane is doing well and will finish up the end of basketball season this weekend. He's already asking when football starts. He continues to be active in cub scouts and is working on getting his car ready for the derby races in two weeks. I was informed that I would not be aloud to help because I am a girl....:) Oh well, truthfully he is right, I wouldn't know where to begin! 3rd grade is still going well, although I received a call from his teacher this week about some issues. Homework is beginning to be a daily battle with him and I had emailed for some suggestions and it turns out she was having the same issues with him at school as well. It is amazing what is learned during conversation between parent and teacher! So, of course Zane is mad at both of us for conspiring against him and we have foiled his plans for avenging his 3rd grade career!
Noah is plugging away! His eating is still hit or miss, although we see a hit more than a miss lately. We finally saw a weight increase for the first time in months! He is still taking a few steps on his own here and there and can stand up on his own now without pulling up on something. We know that he still has issues with his legs, knees and feet though. He won't bend his knees when he takes steps because they are so stiff. Unfortunately we have really hit a wall with therapy. His PT and I discussed last week that she has been coming for over a year now and Noah still demonstrates extreme anxiety. She is unable to touch him and he will do nothing in her presence. I think we are now going to start looking at outpatient programs and other options. Those of you who have been around him have seen his anxiety issues. Very seldom in the presence of other people in our home and most always at other people's homes, will he want to be out of our laps and won't get down and play to save his life. If we set him down or walk away his whole body will tremble and his heartrate is through the roof. He has very little trust for anyone. At home with us, he is a holy terror and into everything! I must say it is getting better with our friends and family, but therapy and Dr's don't stand a chance.
Within the last couple of weeks I was able to reunite with 4 other CDH moms from the U of M. It was the first time we all met together outside of the hospital and left the kids at home! They have been such a saving grace during the last 2 years and I am so blessed to have them to relate to, bounce ideas off of, and laugh and cry our way through this adventure! We also had a great visit from the Ellingers this past weekend! Mason was Noah's roommate while on ECMO and although they have spent lots of time together at the hospital it was great to have them all here and really let the boys play together. Noah really let his guard down and played so well. Even Zane got in on the fun!
I went to the Dr for Baby Baker this week and officially scheduled my c-section and tubal for Feb 17th! 11 days!!! We are so excited!! My c-section is scheduled for sometime in the morning, but not the first case, so I really have no idea what time we will get settled into a room. I am assuming sometime in the afternoon.
Thanks for checking in on us!


Jeff Handley said...

Awesome; thanks for the update and good luck over the next couple of weeks!!


bikurgurl said...

We are thrilled for your newest addition to the family!! Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all :)

Love, Kelly and the Boys

Leah Desserich said...

Cannot wait to see pictures of baby baker!!! So glad Noah is doing better with the eating thing. Looking forward to summer so we can have a cocktail and relax!!!

Elizabeth said...

Isn't amazing how our children think we shouldn't talk with our teacher. My Noah has been frustrated because Mrs. Stork is "always telling him what to do". She's your teacher. He says he has too many bosses in life - suck it up! ;-)

So glad that Noah gained! And he is walking - that video had me in happy tears! I hope that something will help his stiff legs.

As for Baby GIRL Baker - I can't wait - you all must be in pins and needles!