Friday, February 20, 2009

Day #4

Elliot is still doing well! Not much new to report. We are still working on feeding every three hours. He will have a good feeding one time and not so good the next. Brian and I both think their expectations of the amount he should be taking is waaay to much. He still has quite a bit of residual at each feeding so we know he's not hungry because he has too much in his belly from the previous feeding. The nurse tonight told me that realistically he needs to be eating better by this point in order to go home on Tues. In our minds, we know Elliot is an overall healthy baby, he has no breathing problems, there is no reason he can't eat, he just can't tolerate the volume they expect him to take. The NG tube bothers him tremendously as well. Our bet is that if they let him take what he wants and pull that tube, he will do just fine on his own. We will cross this bridge when we come to it with the Dr's.
I am being released tomorrow and will take camp in Elliot's room to continue working on feedings. I think Brian and I are going to take turns as well so I can go home for awhile. I got to see both the boys tonight! Even though I kept a safe distance from Zane, since he was sick earlier, it was great to visit with him for a few minutes and get the latest scoop on his day. Noah came up for a bit and had dinner with us. He really is mad at me! I am going to have to win his heart back when I get home!

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bikurgurl said...

I'm so glad that everyone is doing well and thank God you guys have the experience and expertise to talk to the doctors about expectations from everyone!!

I bet the boys can't wait to have you all home together :) We love you all and are so happy for all your blessings!!

Love, Kelly and the Boys