Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The big day!!!

I had a Dr appointment today for my glucose test and regular check up. All is well and I survived the blood work (barely). I am a huge needle phobic and you would think as many times as I have been stuck or watched Noah get stuck I would be over it by now. Although it has improved dramatically (I can actually go by myself now), today it really got to me. I regained my composure after a short time though! The best part of the appointment is that I got the date for my c-section!! February 17th will be the big day!! I know it seems really early but since it is scheduled they always go two weeks early. That's two months from tomorrow! Yikes!
Zane had a rough weekend with strep throat but we caught it really early and he was started on antibiotics right away. He is now feeling much better and back to his old self. Only 3 more days left until Christmas vacation! I think he might be just a little excited about that....
Noah is doing great! He had an awesome therapy session yesterday and was showing off all of his tricks. He is still letting go of things and doing some free standing but hasn't quite yet tried to take a step. He has been eating great lately! We have been able to get almost 300 calories in him a day and he is still drinking up to 3oz of water/juice on his own. He is still getting 11-12 hours of continuous feeds into the j at night and water boluses of about 7oz during the day. He has started pointing at food that he wants and actually showing signs of hunger.
As long as everyone behaves, there are no Dr appts or therapy until after Christmas so we intend on relaxing and enjoying our families and each other over the next week. We still have lots to do to get ready for everything and I will make a public apology now for not getting Christmas cards out this year. I had every intention of doing so, but then just never got around to it.
Thanks for checking in on us!!


Weylin and Tori said...

So glad to hear how well everyone is doing! Noah is really kicking booty in the eating area now! Awesome! Glad Carrie survived the needle poke! They are pretty scary--just ask Bryce! Have a very Merry Christmas with your families!

The Douglas Family

Rosie said...

We hope that Zane feels better! So happy to hear that Noah is doing great with eating and standing! He might be walking just in time for the new arrival :) We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


bikurgurl said...

Woo Hoo!!! Everyone knows to be good for Christmas so that Santa leaves them toys, not coal ;)

Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright :) We anxiously await the birth of the newest Baker to join the family :)

Love, Kelly and the Boys

Elizabeth said...

May everyone behave because Santa is comeing ;-).

A near Valentine baby GIRL, right? ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and all behave. Glad your appointment went well and now we have the date!

With thoughts & prayers,

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Zane I feel for him. I just got strep right before Christmas! More antibiotics for me. This baby is going to have a tolerance for them. So happy to hear that things are going well. I will definately give you a call Jan 5th or before.

Take care,

Leah Desserich said...

Feb 17!! I am so excited for you!