Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We're Baaaack....

It's been a long two days, but we are back from Ann Arbor!

I will try and give you an overview of each event....

Pulmonary Function Test - Of all the tests Noah has had, this was by far the most bazaar! We had to wake him up (and keep him up) at 4:30am Tuesday morning. In order for the sedation to take good affect he must be sleep deprived on top of that. So we had to be creative, but we managed to keep him up until the test. Once he fell asleep they proceeded to put him into an inflatable vest and load him into a contraption that Brian pointed out strongly resembled something Superman traveled in from the planet Krypton. Once inside the clear plastic box they put a mask on him and began using different techniques to measure his lung volume, function, ect. Afterwards the pulmonologist reviewed the results with us. She said that she was happy his lungs were growing but he was having some issues with obstruction, air trapping, ect. She recommend that we continued the inhaled steroids daily and do another PFT when he is 2. Although the test obviously showed issues with his lungs and that they are not in the best of shape, it's not hugely uncommon for his diagnosis. She is going to call us with the final results of this test in a week or so and review the rest of the findings.
Surgery Clinic Appt - We then took a very drunken Noah down to meet with Dr M in ped surgery. He made quite a spectacle of himself with his head rolling around, eyes flipping back and yelling "Bye Bye" to everyone. We reviewed the plan for the g-j placement and feeding issues and were on our way.
A Visit With The Landrums - Some friends of ours that we met when Noah was born were in the hospital with their son Luke who was recovering from another heart surgery and we were able to stop and visit for awhile. Both the boys have come leaps and bounds since we all saw each other last! It was great to catch up and see Luke doing so well!
Hip X-ray - We were then on to radiology for Noah's hip x-rays to see if they could find the source of his hip cracking. We got those results back today and all is normal! They hope that when he starts walking and standing on his own that this will diminish.
A Date With The Ellingers - Noah was ultra crappy as the day wore on so I was worried about how well he would play with others but he had a great time seeing Mason! It is always great to see them all! We had some good laughs and they boys were equally amused with each other although I have learned that Noah needs to work on his sharing skills!
A Long Night - Noah didn't sleep to well in the hotel last night. I think he gets frustrated that he can see us through his pack-n-play but can't understand why we aren't letting him out. We could see his head pop up over the edge and feel him staring at us angrily. He has never been one to lay still and snuggle with us in bed but this morning he gave in and curled up next to Brian for a little extra shut eye before we left. Zane was my cuddler as a baby, but Noah usually won't hold still so it was super cute and I hated to wake him.
G-J Placement Procedure - We arrived back at the hospital early this morning for the g-j placement, much to Noah's dismay. Brian was able to walk him back to the OR and stayed till he was under anesthesia. The tube was placed successfully and Dr M removed all the excess granulation tissue from the site. He was back in recovery in just over an hour. He has had a little pain from the tissue removal and a sore throat from the breathing tube, but other than that he is doing well. He has been really crabby and uncomfortable most of tonight but I think he is mostly just worn out from the past two days.

We are so glad to be home and have these two days behind us! We are going to try and get a good feeding regimen set up in the next few weeks and try and find what works for Noah to get him eating and gaining weight again! Zane was glad (I think) to have us home, or so he says, but I think he wouldn't have minded hanging out at Grandma's house a few extra days! He had a great time and maybe got a little spoiled? We are officially in "snow delay" season so he has been watching the weather channel all night praying for snow. Can't say I blame him!

Thanks for checking in on us! I have my follow up fetal ECHO next week but Noah gets the whole week off from appointments!


Anonymous said...

SOOO glad you are home and that trip is behind you!!! I hope Noah is on the mend and will gain some serious weight this holiday season! :) I also hope you all get some much needed REST!!!

Jeff Handley said...

Glad you're back safely. Thanks for the detailed update. Unfortunate that he had to go through another surgery, but it sounds like this one went really smoothly.

bikurgurl said...

What a big couple of days for the Moose! We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and our prayers :)