Thursday, January 1, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Ours was crazy busy but we had a great time. Those of you who are local obviously know, but Ft Wayne had a major ice storm the weekend before Christmas and it led to some major power outages. Some people were without power for days and it made even the shortest travels difficult. We lost power for only one day fortunately. After lots of Christmas get-togethers and lots of yummy food, we all ended up sick. We have been trading the stomach flu, sore throat, and upper respiratory infections back and forth for the past week. Noah was fortunate enough to skip the stomach flu but still has a pretty nasty cough and cold. We are giving him extra breathing treatments as needed and just keeping a close eye on him. He hasn't eaten well at all since before Christmas, but with being sick, being out of routine and a mouthful of new teeth, it doesn't surprise me much. Still no headway on weight gain or walking but he has started saying lots of new words out of no where! His favorites are doggy, kitty, toes and tummy. Grandma Ogle even got him to say hot dog the other day too. Zane is doing great and enjoying his vacation. He has been spending the last week with his Dad, Mimi, Pappy, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Jeff, and cousins in Ohio. I am anxious for him to come home and hear all about his adventures. I call him everyday and some days he feels like chatting and other times he will say "so....why'd ya call?" or "if you don't mind, I'm kinda busy". Noah has been missing him like crazy also and I am sure will be all over him when he gets back!

All is well with Baby Baker and I am soooo ready for his/her arrival! With the holidays behind us now it's becoming more and more of a reality that we only have a few weeks left! Brian says he's not scared at all of having another baby at home but I'll admit I am! My dad joked and said I should take a time management class and I'm starting to think that's not such a bad idea!


Weylin and Tori said...

So glad to hear the good report, minus all the illness! Hope your family is on the mend and that Mr. Noah starts eating again! How exciting that he is talking more! He is so grown up! We can't wait to see you again!

Elizabeth said...

I am glad everyone had a good holiday but hope all recover soon! Ah, Sir Noah and Shane both are amazing kids.

You look wonderful - and another one to join the fun - a GIRL! I am convinced it is a girl! ;-)

Happy New Year!

bikurgurl said...

Thank you SO much for letting Zane come and see us!! He is such a wonderful boy and loves our boys so much -- and they think the sun rises and sets with him too!! :)

We're so sorry we weren't able to see you, but are glad to hear that you all are finally starting to get over your illnesses!! If the boys and I are able to come back for a while in the summer like I want, we'll definately be making a trip to the Baker camp to meet Baby Noah, Baby Baker, and see all of you :)

Love you!!!