Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Life continues to be fairly quiet, which is nice! Zane received his bobcat badge for cub scouts and starts basketball next week. I had parent-teacher conferences last week and was pleased to hear how great he is doing in school! He was even invited into the accelerated spellers club. I mis-spelled "alphabet" in my 2nd grade spelling bee, so I know he didn't receive that gift from me!

Noah is doing well but feeding continues to be our biggest issue and main source of frustration. Since we put the g-button in, he screams at the sight of his bolus at meal time. We have learned to distract him as much as possible, otherwise he will scream and tremble during the feeding. At first we thought it was hurting him, but if his attention is focused elsewhere he seems to be okay. He will retch after some feedings and others be just fine. The night time is about the same expect we have noticed he is restless and wakes up about every 1-2 hours crying. It passes quickly, but he used to sleep very soundly through the night. We have noticed no increase in appetite which is disappointing. The dietitian called today for a status and said we could decrease the nightly feedings even more to see if that makes a difference. I don't know if it will or not, because last night he was shut off at 3am due to a malfunction of his pump. Interestingly enough he slept like a rock until 9am! I was hoping for a big breakfast, but he only ate a few bites of waffle and gave the rest to the dog. I am weighing him often and so far he is still gaining at a good rate. He developed an abscess in his old g-tube site, which I thought was weird. I thought maybe this was his source of discomfort, but he seems completely unaffected when I clean it or mess with it.
I had an appointment with Dr Bhat today, overall pretty uneventful! All is well with baby Baker as of now! The heart rate is consistent at 140 (hmmm is that a hint?). We talked a little bit about delivery and my c-section. Brian and I have decided that it is best that I have a tubal done after my c-section. It makes me sad to think about but based on our history, it needs to happen. Plus we have been blessed with 3 children and that is plenty for us! There is always adoption if somewhere down the line we feel the itch, but I feel pretty confidant after 3 kids, 2 still in diapers that there will be no such itch!! I have always loved being pregnant and I will continue to be thankful for every day. The baby has started doing some serious aerobics and is growing like a weed!
We went to the Great Zoo Halloween this week and I got some good pictures of the boys' costumes. Noah was so good and left his on the whole time!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Rosie said...

What a cute spider and soldier! I wish feeding was easier for these kiddos! Hopefully things get better in that area soon :) Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks!

The Ellinger's

bikurgurl said...

The boys are adorable! I just talked to Zane on the phone and he is so wonderful!! We love and miss you all much!

Love, Kelly and the Boys

Fer said...

I'm so sorry you've been struggling with Noah's feedings. My prayers are with you.
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.