Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our child, the Drama Queen

So another restless night for Noah last night and finally came to screams about 7am. When I went in to get him, he was soaking wet with formula and not very happy about it. In the dark I could obviously tell that his connection had come loose somewhere and I began searching for it. I finally turned the light on to find his g-button dangling from the end of the extension and Noah was wireless! Not good! I had last checked him at 4am and all was well so somewhere between 4 and 7 his button came out. We were praying that it was sooner rather than later because these sites can close up in a matter of minutes. When we tried to put it back it, it wouldn't budge. We couldn't get anything back in through that hole. So, we cleaned him up, packed him up in the car and headed for the hospital. The ER doc said he would try and work it back in but if he too wasn't able to get it in, it would have to be replaced under sedation or surgically. After a very long couple of minutes for Noah and nothing delicate about it, the Dr successfully got it back in. I am sure it was very unpleasant for Noah, but better than the alternative. We were back in the car shortly after and headed home!

We also found today that Noah has lost all of the good weight he put on in the last few weeks in just a few short days. So this means we are back up to full feeds at night again to compensate. His appetite has been horrible this weekend (despite the Halloween candy!) so the weaning was not having an affect on his hunger cycle anyway. All in Noah's time. We will get there eventually!


Jeff Handley said...

Man oh man, never a dull moment! So glad the ER doc was able to get the button back in though; I'm sure it was tough on everyone though.

Rosie said...

Yikes! I am happy to hear that the ER doc was able to get the button back in! The boys must have been talking because Mason's button came out on Thursday. Luckily it was in the UofM parking lot, so we were able to go back to ped. surg to get a replacement. Hopefully they can both keep their buttons where they belong :)

bikurgurl said...

Poor little Moose :( I'm glad that it didn't take surgery to get the button back in, but I'm hopeful it doesn't happen again!

Love the new pic of Noah :)

Anonymous said...

Noah is getting chunky cheeks! What a cutie. Noah, Mason and Ethan need to stop with all the crazy button mishaps!



Fer said...

Oh I'm so sorry Noah's button came out and about the ER and loosing weight. Many prayers for you guys!
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.