Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where's the cap and gown?

Noah graduated from occupational therapy today! Although we are so sad to see Miss Lisa go, we couldn't be more proud of him! Miss Lisa was so excited at the progress he has made in his fine motor skills! It was music to my ears to here someone say, "he is right where he should be in this area!". Noah must have know it was his last visit because he laughed and played the whole hour! She left us with a list of things to be working on and watching for in the next few months but feels he is catching up perfectly! He still has quite a bit of work to do in the large motor skill area with PT, but he seems to be getting stronger every day! We have been putting his cup in front of him any chance we can and usually he will take a sip here and there and shake his head no, but yesterday I measured at the end of the day and he had drank 4oz! That is the most he has ever drank in one day! The more he takes in on his own, the less we have to put in by tube! We are still gearing up for next week. Tuesday Noah will see his pulmonologist here in town and Thursday is the big day in Ann Arbor. Noah will see all of the specialists including a dietitian in the morning and then we have the big fetal ECHO and level II ultrasound in the afternoon. We are optimistic but preparing us for whatever we hear that day.
A little Zanism for you....
The other night Zane and I were talking in the car on the way home and he was asking me all sorts of random questions. I finally asked him, "What's with all the questions?". He replied simply, "I am trying to figure what my gift is that God gave me." That left me pretty well speechless! This led into a big conversation about God and Heaven and he asked me what I thought it would be like. I told him I didn't know other than what the Bible tells us and that was that one day we would all live in perfect harmony, no more pain, fighting or sickness. Zane was quiet for a few minutes and then said, "Well, even if he is God, I don't think he can keep me from fighting with Georgia and don't you think that would be more helpful now then waiting till we get to Heaven?"


Leah Desserich said...

Way to go Noah on the 4oz!!! We have been working super hard getting Hudson to drink out of a cup too - what a task!!!
Keep us posted on Baby Baker

Tricia said...

I'm so glad to see that you've started a blog! Noah and Zane are adorable! (and so, so smart!) It'll be so much easier for me to keep up with a blog than a CP! :) (I know, I'm LAZY!)

bikurgurl said...

Zany-poo! He is a card! :)

Glad to see the progress and I'm so glad you posted a pregnant picture! You are such a gorgeous pregnant momma!! :)

Wish you luck this week :)

Kelly and the Boys