Monday, October 6, 2008

Pumpkin Picking!

Yesterday we ventured out to pick pumkins for the kids. Even though it's technically quarentine season we figured we would be mostly outdoors anyways. Noah had a blast and thought all the pumpkins were balls that he could throw. He was finally just content to sit in his stroller and people watch the rest of the time. Quarantine is going to be hard on him this winter, he so loves to be out in public. Zane had a good time too, of course he wanted a pumpkin the size of Wisconsin and everything else sweet inside the farm market store. He knows that I am weak when I am pregnant and anything sweet is generally negotiable. All in all we left with 3 pumpkins and a bag of goodies. I love this time of year, I only wish it lasted longer!

Noah continues to do well! Overall he is eating very well, but still not drinking hardly anything. He is still gaining weight nicely and we have been compressing his tube feeds again. This way he doesn't have to wear his backpack as much. His granulation tissue just keeps growing and growing. We did a silver nitrate treatment at home last night and it still doesn't seem to help him much. Oh well, as long as the site doesn't leak we will just live with it!

Some of you may remember me posting about the Turner family last year. We met them while we were in the hospital after Noah was born. Their son Hudson was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and was in need of a heart transplant. Hudson passed away soon after his transplant after an amazing battle. Well this past weekend Brooke and Luke welcomed the newest member of their family into the world! Holden Turner! Congrats to all of you, we are so happy for you! Both Brooke and Holden are doing great!
Have a great week!


Weylin and Tori said...

Glad to hear how everyone is doing! The boys are so handsome! And who wouldn't love sweets? We hope to see you soon!

The Douglas'

Aep said...

Welcome to the blog world :)
Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Love the pumpkin pictures and enjoy this beautiful season, even if it is cold season... fresh air and being out is important as well :)
Ana and Marco

bikurgurl said...

Love the pics! Great pumpkins out there!! I can't wait to see all your children together next fall for the pumpkin patch :)

Love, Kel

FaithCDH said...

What an honor that his name is Holden! Don't know if its symbolic or if they just like H names, but its cute!

I love the pictures! You should do some photography on the side.

Love to you all...

Leah Desserich said...

Love the pumpkin pics!!! The boys look like they had a blast!

Fer said...

I loved the pictures!