Sunday, February 13, 2011

C-diff and RSV

So in my last blog post I explained that Noah had been quite ill with c-diff and was in the hospital. He stayed 7 days from that admission and we were home about 3 weeks when he got sick again. The c-diff came back very aggressively again along with a viral lung infection that turned out to be RSV. Due to his chronic lung conditions he is having a very hard time with the RSV. He has been treated with Flagyl and Vancomyacin for the entire duration of the illness but it still does not seem to be effective enough to put the colitis in check. He was readmitted to the hospital 3 days ago. When he was admitted this time, his abdominal x-ray looked very bad, much worse than his previous bout. For the RSV he is now being treated with steroids, oxygen, and breathing treatments. For the c-diff he is being treated with IV Flagyl, Vancomyacin, and probiotics for now. We had a consult today with the infections disease team to come up with a new regimen to get this under control. They did also place a picc line in order to give him TPN and lipids and let his gut rest from tube feeds.
Overall, he is just miserable between the relentless coughing and abdominal pain. I am certainly looking forward to healthier days....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you all are in our prayers. This is a lot for Noah and we pray his system can recover with excellent doctors and meds.