Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad night...

Noah certainly gave the docs a run for their money last night...He continues to have respiratory issues due to the RSV. Last evening he kepts having what we think were major bronchospasms and kept dropping is saturations. They were going to move him over to ICU but the pulmonary team came to look at him and increased his oxygen and switched him over to longer acting bronchodialator as well as gave him a narcotic to help him calm down and rest. He was able to recover from the incident and was not moved to ICU. They are not especially wanting to supress the cough for fear it will turn into a pneumonia, but the nonstop coughing is just too much for him. His respirations are still in the 60's at rest. The dr's keep telling me that the RSV will peak and then slowly improve, so we are all hoping that last night was the peak.
As for the c-diff, he is still being treated with the same regimen of IV Flagyl and oral Vancomyacin. He will come home with a picc line so that we can finish the IV Flagyl. When that course is complete they will continue a pulsing course of Vanc, where he is given a dose every 3 days for up to 6 weeks. His belly x-rays look better but he is still having diarrhea and lots of belly pain. For now he is still on the TPN, but the docs are hoping to start feeds sometime soon. It's hard to tell exactly where we are with eradicating the c-diff until the RSV improves.
Brian is at home with Elliot and Zane. Elliot came down with RSV as well (or we presume since they started symptoms on the same day). He is doing okay, but will see the Dr this morning to be checked over. He is also doing breathing treatments and struggling with high fevers. Zane (knocking on wood..) is healthy for now and should probably soak up the quiet time before his brothers are terrorizing him again! Which I hope is soon!!

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Jaime's World said...

Carrie, I am so incredibly sorry to hear of Noah's latest issues! Praying for his stability and speedy recovery!
Sending lots of love and prayers your way!