Monday, September 27, 2010

Sick of being sick!

We have been battling illness around here for months! Noah has been on 6 different antibiotics since the end of July! This is crazy! He has had back to back ear infections and respiratory issues off and on. Of course our last visit to the pedi led us to an ENT consult, which you may have guessed, is leading us to tubes. As of now, Noah is schedule for tubes and another ABR on Oct 22nd. This should be a very simple, easy, outpatient procedure for him and we will know once and for all, the extent of his hearing loss with the results of the ABR. In the middle of all this, Noah's g-j tube came out and we replaced it with a g-tube and he has been doing so well with it that we are not going to schedule for a g-j replacement. He is tolerating his overnight feeds and small boluses during the day. He is still eating great, of course, it's just not enough to sustain him. Weight is a constant issue, even with the feeding tube. BUT the important thing is that he is mastering the skills of chewing, eating, swallowing, texture, etc, etc, it's still volume and pain that holds him back.
Following in his brother's footsteps, Elliot has also been sick. He had a bad case of bronchiolitis that landed him with breathing tx and meds along with several ear infections, which is also leading him to tubes...blech. I am just hoping they will both be healthier when these are done. We are still waiting for a consult with ENT for Elliot before anything is scheduled.
We will be celebrating Zane's 11th birthday tomorrow!! He is so excited! The ole cliche, "Where does the time go?"....I can't believe it! I am so proud of him! He is growing up to be a young man still my baby boy!

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bikurgurl said...

Happy Birthday, Zane! I can't believe he's well on his way to being a heart swells with pride and joy thinking of how wonderful he is and how much I love him!

We've been sick out here too and hope that tubes are the answer to the illnesses, or at least eases the pain.....

Busy mama and daddy, take care of yourselves! We love you all!!

Kelly and the Boys