Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where did the time go?

Holy smokes have I let the blog go by the wayside! I promise that I always have the best of intentions, however, thinking and doing are apparently two different things..
All is well with the Bakers, the boys had a spooktacular (bad joke) Halloween and I am sure there is enough candy around here to fuel a small army at least. Noah came up with his costume idea all on his own and Elliot wore an old hand-me-down Elmo costume of Zane's, the original owner. Zane went back and forth and finally settled on Davy Crockett.
We've had LOTS of illnesses, too many to count and both Noah and Elliot have had tubes in their ears over the course of the last few weeks. Both recovered beautifully and neither have been ill since **knocking on wood**. Elliot will actually be making another trip to the OR this coming week for an inguinal hernia repair. Poor guy is following in his brother footsteps. Noah had the same procedure done last year. I am hoping **again with the wood knocking** that this is it for awhile at least and we can get through the rest of the winter without any major illness and surgery.
Both Zane and Noah are having a great school year. Noah continues to thrive and we are seeing big changes in him! I love it!
We have made some changes in Noah's tube feeding and for the first week we saw huge advances in his oral intake. We didn't change his calories at all, just the time in which he was getting it. He's not doing quite as well as he was in the beginning, but it's still better than before we made the switch. All in due time I suppose!
I will try to get some Halloween pics up this weekend!!


bikurgurl said...

Thanks for the updates! I'm sorry to hear there is more surgery in store, but I am so happy that everyone is finally feeling better! :)

I totally understand about the delay on blogging - I'm there too! - but it just means that you're life is full and your living it :) Rejoice! :)

Love you all -

Kelly and the Boys

Anonymous said...

All our best wishes for a illness-free Christmas season. We think of you so often. Thanks for the belated update.

Anonymous said...

hope he healed good from the inguinal hernia seth had that back in 08 wasnt fun for him butglad to hear that they are doing good