Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still sick....

Noah has been battling this upper respiratory infection thing since just after Christmas. Until recent he was dealing pretty well with it over all other than a decrease in appetite. I called his pulmonologist at the beginning of the week to review his symptoms and he said that as long as the breathing treatments were helping and there was no fever that there was really nothing else we could do for him now. He told me to call if he got any worse and not to be surprised if this virus lasted a few more days. I no more than got off the phone with him than Noah woke from his nap with a high fever. So, off we went to the Dr. They decided to go ahead and treat him for a lung infection/pneumonia and not put him through a chest x-ray as the results either way would still end up in antibiotics. His breathing is labored at times but it's mostly the cough that is bothering him. The Dr said that what started as a viral upper respiratory has now moved into a bacterial lung infection of some sort. He started his antibiotic yesterday and appeared to be feeling okay last evening but then was up most of the night again with a very high fever. He wretched on his feeds most of the night until we finally shut him off to let him have a break. Today the fever is down to about 101-102 but still no appetite whatsoever. I am hoping that he will tolerate his feeds better tonight!
School was canceled today so Noah was pretty pumped to wake up and find Zane still here. Much to his dismay he will soon discover when he wakes up from his nap that Zane has left him high and dry to go to the movies with Grandma! He is such the social butterfly!!


Elizabeth said...

I hope Noah feels better soon. I am glad your appointment went well - never knew you were a needle phobe. Never showed - you hid it well!

Keepin you all in my thoughs and prayers - and that baby is going to be a girl - born near Valentines Day!


bikurgurl said...

I'm so sorry Baby Noah is still so sick :( Poor little guy!!

Give him big hugs and kisses (Zane too!!) and give yourself a little rest ;)

Anonymous said...

Praying that he will feel better SOON!! Hope you stay healthy thru it all too! You are a great mom!!! Also you need an updated belly shot!! You are way too cute pregnant and need to show it off! :) Hope your day will get much better!