Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To tube or not to tube....

Noah is still sick but overall, handling it pretty well. He is coughing quite a bit, mostly at night but still has not had a fever. I took him to the Pulmonologist today to see if he was clear for tomorrows procedure. He told us to continue the extra breathing treatments and started him on steroids. He felt confidant that for no more than Noah would be under anesthesia he should do okay with the procedure. So at that point we were planning on heading up for the g-j placement in the morning. When U of M scheduling called they reviewed Noah's symptoms and after talking with anesthesia determined that it would not be a good idea. After Noah's last stunt during the g-tube resite they want to make sure he is the picture of health before putting him under again. Normally they would reschedule out 4 weeks of an illness but based on his intolerance to feeds and weight loss they are going to do it in 2 weeks. This will actually work out a bit better as he already has a pulmonary function test scheduled up there on the 2nd of December. We will now just stay overnight and do the PFT on the 2nd and the g-j on the 3rd.

In the meantime we will just keep doing what we are doing with him. I received a call from his PT that his orthodics are finally in so he will be trying those out this week. Of course they are camouflage so he will be the picture of coolness with his new shoes. More appointments next week also, Noah will have his yearly evaluation with First Steps to evaluate where he is at with everything and if any changes need to be made. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday for the baby. It's been 4 weeks since our last appt so I am anxious to see how things are going. The continued baby acrobatics and the fact that I am getting to be ginormous are good signs to me, but it's always nice to reassured! We are looking forward to the Holiday week! It will be great to see the family, and Brian and I are already fighting over who gets to hold our nephew Liam first!

Once again, another year that we have so much to be thankful for....


Anonymous said...

Whew, not much goin' on. Happy Thanksgiving and health to you all.
Karen and Russ

bikurgurl said...

Thankful indeed!! You are always so positive and patient -- I know that's why God chose you and Brian to care for Baby Noah!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! We are praying for Noah's speedy recovery and seamless surgery :)

Fer said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Many blessings.
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Baker Family, Just wanted you to know you all are in my thoughts and prayers! I love checking in on you and it certainly helps to know how to pray for each of you. You all are such a great example to so many people. Thank you for being so faithful and positive and putting your trust in the Lord. You will never know how many people you continue to touch. I'm sure you wish the Lord didn't have so much confidence in you! :) You are wonderful parents! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Lots of Love,