Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog slackin' again!

Noah did make it home after his 10-day hospital admission. I didn't even realize that I hadn't updated the blog! He has been improving greatly since then. Upon his return home, he was getting 14 doses of medication daily but he has now been switched over to a pulsing dose of Vancomyacin that he gets only every other day. The colitis/c-diff symptoms are well controlled and I hope to get a negative culture back from him in the next week. We followed up with Pulmonary and due to the damage to his lungs from the RSV, they recommended we increase the amount of inhaled steroids and keep him out of school for at least the next month to avoid another illness. We understand illness in inevitable, but the longer we can keep it at bay, the better! This will just give him a good chance to recover and get his strength back. We haven't seen any respiratory issues since he came home and hopefully we can keep it that way for awhile. It's hard to tell if the c-diff will rear it's ugly head again. We have been told that multiple recurrences of it may indicate future problems, but it's really hard to say. He will continue the antibiotics for several more weeks so hopefully it will be eradicated. Time will tell. There is something to be said for a healthy colon!
Zane and Elliot are doing great. Zane had baseball tryouts this weekend and I will be attending his middle school orientation this week. That's a little hard for me to stomach at this point, but I suppose I should get used to the idea sooner or later!
More later and pictures too!


bikurgurl said...

I've been blog-slacking too, and I haven't been busy like you! :)

We're happy to get updates when you can send them and always happy to see pictures:)

Hoping everyone is well soon and you can enjoy a healthier spring! :)

Love you all, Kelly and the Boys

Natalie said...

I think maybe it's time for another's CDH Awareness month, afterall.