Monday, October 26, 2009

Intensive Feeding Program - Week #1

So, we managed to get settled in to a routine with bedtime and naps in the hotel over the weekend and the weather was gorgeous here, so we were able to get outside quite a bit. There is a huge pond behind the hotel with a sidewalk around it and about a million ducks. We spent alot of time going for walks and feeding the ducks and the fish. This morning was Noah's first day of therapy as well as Elliot's first day at daycare. The staff at the clinic is fantastic! They are so knowledgeable and friendly. We spent much of today doing introductions and touring the clinic. During the first three therapy sessions, Noah was presented with a variety of foods and a drink. For today only, I sat in the room with him, just he and I. Surprisingly we found a great feeding chair that he loved and he was quite willing to sit in it each time. Of course, not one morsel of the food made it to his lips, but they were really just trying to get a feel for what they were working with. The last half of the day he would go into the treatment room with myself and one member of the team and would simply sit in his chair and play with the therapist for 10 minutes. When the timer went off, he was aloud to get down. He really had a great time and did great from the anxiety standpoint. In fact, he only had about 2 or 3 tiny meltdowns that were quickly alleviated with a distraction. They went easy on him today, but tomorrow the work will begin!
Elliot, on the other hand, didn't have as much fun. As soon as he saw me when I came to pick him up, he belted out in a cry that was enough to drive me to tears right then. He was soooo mad at me! The teacher at the daycare said she had to hold him the whole day and he only ate about 4oz of his bottle all day. By the time we got "home", he was back to his happy, lovable self. I am praying that he gets used to it and has better days to come!
Brian headed back to Ft Wayne this morning, but we will get to see him and Zane this weekend for Halloween!


bikurgurl said...

You are so strong! We are praying for Noah's healing and we are praying it happens here! We love you all and wish you a wonderful week! :)

Love, Kelly, Jeff, Xander, and Xaven

Jaime's World said...

Sorry about the "adjustment"'s always the hardest. Hopefully things will get better from that standpoint! And way to go, Noah for tolerating a good feeding chair! Can't wait to hear more positive stories coming from you guys!
Love and prayers,