Friday, August 13, 2010


We've actually been home since last week, but I haven't really had much time to update the blog. We decided to pack it up and come home a little early because Noah wasn't feeling any better. He was having major pain in his groin area that we thought may have been a UTI since is was most concentrated in the morning and throughout the night (when he's hooked up to tube feeds). We did an urinalysis and culture in Evansville, but everything came back negative for infection. He has been on an antibiotic for weeks, so I am sure if there was infection it was masked by that. We got him into the pediatrician when we got home and his ear infections were raging once again and they found a swollen lymph node in his groin on the side where his g-j tube goes. His tube is going bad anyway, so it was on the list of things to be scheduled. The Dr is wondering if there is irritation from the g-j causing him this pain. We are scheduled to go to U of M for a consult next week. They will look at the tube and decide how to address the chronic tube infections (he has had several over the past year) and swollen lymph node and schedule a new tube placement. He seems to be feeling better, but the pain still comes and goes. In Evansville he wouldn't even walk or stand on his own due to pain, but he's definatly no where near that now. The ear infection is puzzling as well, he never complains that they bother him, and the Dr is wondering how many he has actually had, but we just didn't know it. We will follow up with him in a week and if it's still not clear, he will send us to the ENT.
As far as eating, he's really done pretty good since we got back. He still won't willingly eat if you set a plate down in front of him, but in the theraputic style mealtime, he is still getting in his 2oz of food and 2oz of liquid. He starts preschool on Monday so we are trying to push mealtimes around so we can still get in 4 a day and try to avoid any tube feedings while he is at school. I am just hoping we can get these ear and tube infections under control with minimal trips to the Dr as possible so he can just focus on school and being 3! This is going to be a great year for him!!

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bikurgurl said...

Sweet little Noah! The ear infection boys only had 2 each, but I felt like such a bad mother when I'd take them to the doctor and be so puzzled as to why thier whole demeanor changed and they were just generally grumpy and unhappy.....come to find out they had ear infections without the rubbing and pulling on ears that you're told to normally look for! They'd have them for like a week and I'd feel like such a terrible mother, but the pediatrician would tell me that when the children aren't showing direct signs, it's really difficult to diagnose - even for a doctor! Without getting in there and looking, you really can't tell based on behavior alone.

You are such a wonderful mother and are doing such a great job mothering your boys - we are so proud of you!

Love, Kelly and the Boys