Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blog slackin'

Okay, so life at home after the feeding clinic has been a little crazy...hence my well intended blogging efforts, or lack there of...despite my lack of preparation, we had a GREAT holiday and truly enjoyed our time with family and friends. By the time it was all said and done, I was ready to get into our new routine.
Noah has had some difficulty with meals, but we are slowly getting back on schedule. He has lost over a pound since we have been back so once again, we are slipping in calories wherever we can. Getting in 5, 45min meals a day aside from our regular meals, has been most challenging and has required me to dust off my Time Management Skills book! We are doing three OT sessions, one ST session, and soon to start two Skype sessions with St Marys a week for a total of 6 sessions a week. Yowza! I am more than happy to have the support though to keep him going in the right direction and we love our therapists! We are still doing smooth purees and formula from a squeeze bottle. He did partake in a few holiday meals and loved showing off his chewing to everyone around him! He really takes pride in what he has learned! Each day he seems to be more interested in what we are eating and I can see why we are encouraged to do his meals separate from our own. He doesn't want anything to do with the purees if everyone else is eating something different. If we can continue to get his chewing skill to improve, he will be able to partake more and more in table food. I am just continually amazed and thankful for the feeding clinic and the progress he has made!
Elliot started walking this week! (sniffle, sniffle) I can't believe that my baby will be celebrating his 1st birthday in a month!! It's all happening so fast! He is an eating machine and we are working on phasing out the bottle and taking all of his liquids by sippy cup. He is waving, clapping, dancing, and is starting to say a few words as well. He has a very pleasant, happy, disposition and loves, loves, loves to eat!
Zane had a great Christmas and much to his dismay, started back to school (or prison as he calls it). We have had tons of snow on the ground and that's where he spends most of his time. He comes in long enough to warm up and dry off and then it's back out again! He and I went sledding the other day and my body totally paid a price for it! I wish I had half of his energy! He is gearing up for the big Pine Wood Derby for cubscouts in a few weeks. Noah is making a car too and will race with him!
I hope this finds everyone doing well and we can't say thanks enough for your continued prayers, support, and love!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to Hear that everyone is doing good wow it just seems like the yr flys by he is walking thats great to hear and glad that noah is coming along with the eating

Love And god bless

Alison And Seth