Sunday, September 6, 2009

Post # 2 - Zane

Double digits!! Zane is going to be 10 on Sept 28th! 10! Man do I feel old!
Fourth grade is treating him well so far. He has always done very well in school, excpect for the occasional problem with talking. I am not sure where this comes from ;)...If you remember,4th grade is the year they play the recorder in music. Can't wait for that...I am hoping by the time Noah and Elliot reach 4th grade they will be banned due to too many parent complaints. There is nothing like a symphony of 25 4th graders playing Mary Had A Little Lamb on the recorder. I'll be sure to post the video!
He has started his first year of tackle football and loves every minute of it. His first game was this past Saturday. He will be starting cub scouts up again in the next few weeks and then basketball will pick up where football leaves off. He is our social butterfly!
I am dreading the thought of leaving him behind when I head off to Evansville, but fortunatly now that our start date was pushed back, he will be done with weekend football games and will be able to travel with Brian on the weekends that I am not able to come back. It's really hard to imagine going two weeks between visits, so now I should be able to see him more often. He still doesn't seem too phased about us leaving other than making sure I would be home for Christmas. I certainly don't know that I could be as patient and understanding at his age as he has been since Noah was born. His love for his little brothers is more than obvious and I am so proud of what a great influence he is on them...

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bikurgurl said...

I can hardly believe he's almost 10 years old!! He was an answer to prayer then and certainly the greatest love of my life when he was born!!

I thank God that he is in our lives. He is such a wonderful young man (can you believe he's old enough to be a young man?!?) and I am so very proud of him!

Love to all of you from all of us!

Kelly, Jeff, and the Boys