Friday, May 29, 2009

Sick Babies!

Elliot and Noah are STILL battling this respiratory virus going on 17 days now! It began with a very simple runny nose, which then led to a cough. Noah would struggle with the cough alot at night, in the morning and after naps. I made several calls to the pediatrician explaining that I thought they should be getting better and describing their symptoms. I kept getting the same thing, "it's just a virus", "it will run its course", "most viruses last up to two weeks", "no fever means no infection", "try a nasal mist" etc, etc. I was doubling up on Noah's breathing tx and that was about all I could do. It really isn't keeping Noah down at all, he is still running around, getting into everything, despite the cough and congestion. Finally on Tuesday I called the Pedi again letting her know they STILL aren't improving and need to be seen. The best they could do was give me an appt for Wed afternoon. During this time I even tried calling another pediatrician to switch practices and was told I would need to submit a letter for review of why I wanted my children to be seen there. Good grief! I just wanted someone to look at them! By the time we got to the pedi on Wed Noah was wheezing so badly that she said she hardly heard any air moving through. She still didn't suspect infection but started him on oral steroids immediately and increased his dosage of Xopenex and told me to give him tx every 4 hours. Elliot was in far better shape, but he too was wheezing. No steroids for him, but he is sharing Noah's breathing tx's. We took Noah in for a chest x-ray that came back negative for pneumonia.
I don't think I can stress enough the value of a good pediatrician, of which I have learned a great deal about it the past two years. Especially with a kid that has chronic lung problems, but in general, just one that will truly listen to your concerns. So, here I have been second guessing myself each time I get off the phone with her, and finally when she does see them, I feel terrible for not pressing the issue much harder in the first place. This is not the first time this has happened, so once again, I think we are making the switch to a different doctor. I feel that we are going a thousand different directions trying to manage his care and we really need someone to be following all of it! Someone committed to following him regularly and not just when he is sick. We have explained this to both of the pedi's was have had, and even have a great letter from the U of M outlining what they need to be followed for in the years to come. The biggest thing is that they need to be proactive, not reactive!
Anyway, this was not intended to be a vent session for me! I have a million pictures of the kids from the last month that I promise to put together and post, soon. Can you believe that our Noah is about to celebrate his 2nd birthday? That's right! 2 years old! I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it! The Happy Birthday song has a whole new meaning for me now! Brian and I were just saying last night how two years ago at this time we were sitting at the RMD house waiting for the big day, meeting our dear CDH friends for the first time, and being terrified of what was coming. What an amazing support system we had, and still have today.
I promise to put up pictures soon!


Aep said...

So sorry to hear of the sick babies!! I hope Noah and Eliott feel better soon!! And I really hope you can find a good pediatrician, it does make a world of difference, can't believe they gave you such a hard time. I can't wait to see more pictures!!! I LOVE the family picture that is on top of the blog!!
Lots of hugs,
Ana and Marco

Weylin and Tori said...

I cannot believe what a hard time you are having with your pediatricians! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with them on top of the illness! I hope and pray that you can find your boys a pediatrician that is good enough to care for them! They deserve nothing but the best! We cannot wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! We told Bryce tonight that he would be seeing Zane and he is so excited! Talk to you soon!
The Douglas'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out our blog. It was great to meet you last weekend too!

I definitely believe moms have an instinct and it stinks that a pediatrician would make you question that. I used to worry about being a pushy mom, but a friend pinted out that I was actually being an *advocate* for my kids. Good for you for being an advocate too!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I can't find your e-mail address, but send me an e-mail at and I'll give you the password for the protected posts.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so sorry they have been sick. Glad Zane is not sick but do wish your pediatrician were more helpful for you. No parent should feel like you do - you know when things are not right and your child should be seen. With these little ones, little colds can be hard on them.

I hope Noah and Elliot feel better soon. Good thing it hasn't slowed Noah down (does anything?).

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and hoping the Perfect Doctor is just around the corner for you all!

bikurgurl said...

Carrie - you are right to be questioning the care and right to want to find a pediatrician who will watch over your children in the way they need to be proactively watched in the future!

I wish I had a wonderful ped to share with you, but I'll put out some feelers and see if I hear anything!

We sent Noah his birthday box today. I hope you and Brian aren't too upset, but we're being the bad (fun!) influence on him this year!! I didn't wrap anything inside the box, he can just open the box as-is :) I'm sure Zane won't want to miss out :)

Love you guys!!

Kelly and the Boys